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تحميل التطبيق تحميل التطبيق

    Terms Of Use


    (Al Akariyoun for Real Estate Development) for online property marketing according to the conditions applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world conditions are the following. The institution, through its website (akariyoun.com), provides advertising services for the real estate, so, those who look for the real estate or who advertise for the real estate can benefit from our website (akariyoun.com) according to the following conditions:

    1- It is banned to publish any topics that contain any skepticism against Islamic religion or against its Holy Book, its rules, its men or its principals. It is also forbidden to publish any topics that abuse the other heavenly religions or that abuse the other civilizations. It is also not allowed to publish the missionary, sectarian, ethnical, racism or takiferya topics or to publish the political believes and the political topics in general.

    2- Your are prohibited from abusing the others' opinions, attacking, making fun of or provoking those who visit our website.

    3- It is forbidden to write any indecent utterances such as insults and verbal abuses and to use the bad and slang words violate the morals and principals. You must be obliged to the speech and dialogue etiquettes. You are also not allowed to abuse anyone through insulting or defaming or download any bad images that don’t relate to the property or prejudice morality.

    4- For registration and using the website only (for those who want to sell or rent their properties) and to get use of its various advantages and services, you must accept the usage conditions. Using the website accidentally is considered as acceptance to these conditions.

    5- The website has the right to obscure or block you (in the case of using the website badly). In the case of being not allowed to use the website for another time, if you do this, you will endanger your computer in the case of your attempt to tamper with the website. Thus, you must stop using the website immediately.

    6- The member after their membership period and paying the advertisements' value has no right to ask for repaying the sums he paid for advertising, even if the website didn’t make the advertisement.

    7- Every member subscribed in the website (akariyoun .com) deserves advertising area for the membership period. After finishing the subscription period, he has no right to ask the website management to get use of this advertising area again.

    8- One of the website's advantages is the following the real changes during times for be on equal leg with the property improvements that are considered as one of the website main duties. Shutting down of the website during maintenance shall not be counted to your payment values.

    9- The website has the right to amend or add any usage conditions in any time whatever the reason is and without prior notice. As a subscribed member in the website you must know and accept these changes made by the website, he also must follow these changes to be aware of these new conditions and he must be obliged to their content.

    10- The website is dedicated to benefit the personnel at the real estate or to be used in the field of the property investment. This website is prepared to connect between the personnel of the real estate, who benefit from the property easements and advantages presented by the website that will be used by the individuals, the institutions and the companies in all times and according to their adherence to the applied laws in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the world.

    11- Your acceptance to use the website will be confined on the legitimate purposes; you will be obliged to pass the real data about yourself during the registration on the site such as your name, your email, your address and your country. You also will be obliged to tell the truth regarding the data relates to you or relates to the property, whether you want to sell, buy or you look for property.

    12- All rights of the intellectual property, which include the rights of author, rights of publication, rights of data rules, the presentation methods and the trademarks, are considered as owned by the website. The user acknowledges that all contents and materials provided on the website are subject to the protection by the intellectual property rights applied in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and outside the Kingdom under the system of the world sites.

    13- Any subscriber, user or visitor to the website has no right to tamper or try to tamper with any materials or information on the website through any way. In the case of doing that, all necessary legal procedures will be taken against that person according to the computer crimes, since this will be considered as violation to the websites systems applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world.

    14- The website (akariyoun.com) with what it contains such as the information, maps, drawings, images, icons and logos related to the website are registered trademarks, thus, all related rights are kept and owned by the website (akariyoun.com). As for the third parties' trademarks which used on the website are possessed by its owners.

    15- It is forbidden to republish, reprint or distribute any part or all contents of the website without prior written \approval from the website management, except in certain conditions that are agreed upon them stipulated referring to the website as a source.

    16- The website and its all services are provided in the same way without any guarantees regarding its quality, accuracy or the content's propriety to your goals and your own purposes as subscriber. The information on the website isn’t considered by any way as advice or induce to sell or buy the property. There are also no guarantees that the service will continue without stopping, any found bugs/ mistakes will be corrected or that the website will be free from the viruses and defects of the other programs upon your feedback.

    17- The website maintains the subscribers' data on operations equipment, databases and protection systems with high efficiency. You agree that the websites maintains your personal data and using them by certain departments. You agree that the website, in any case, isn’t responsible for the leakage of the subscriber's data resulted by robberies or subversion that carried out by those who attack or the inflators to the web. You also agree that the website or its officials aren’t responsible for the damage or losing these data whatever the reason is.

    18- The member is completely responsible for all data he registered on the website, and all advertisements, topics and replies on the website represent the opinions of the owners.

    19- The commercial operations (selling, buying, leasing, so on) are fulfilled between the two parties of the commercial operation directly and without any responsibility relates to the website. The website will not provide any personal information asked by other people.

    20- The member has no right to show any good in the form of reply inside selling show established by another member.

    21- It is not allowed to throwaway the others' offers, if the offer isn’t appropriate to some persons or the required price is so high, you will have no right to undervalue the property.

    22- It isn’t allowed to add links to other sites aiming to advertise them on the website.

    23- It isn’t allowed to promote any product or good other than the properties.

    24- It isn’t allowed to make suggestions or complains in the departments or the website, you cannot send to the website directly.

    25- The website has the right to control its information, whether through modernizing or omitting, when it is necessary without giving any reasons.

    26- We want to refer that the website (akariyoun.com) doesn’t send e-mails that contain attached files. If you get any e-mail that seems that it sent through our website (akariyoun.com) and contains attached file, be sure that it will be virus and wasn’t sent by our website, so we advise you to delete it immediately. This virus sent itself under the name of (akariyoun.com) or any other name.

    27- In the case of the subscriber isn’t obliged to the above conditions, the management will has the right to cancel his subscription without repaying the subscription value.